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Welcome to our Award Winning After School Program In Cooper City Fl.

Grandmaster Baez Life Skills Martial Arts Program Cooper City Choice  in After School Martial Arts Instruction!

After School Cooper City Martial Arts With Transportation Provided!

After School Cooper City!

A Great Alternative to Daycare and Babysitting!

We pick up our students from school and bring them to the dojo (training hall) for a fun filled afternoon of martial arts.

Our after school martial arts program teaches your child to:

  • Show courtesy and respect

  • Be a positive role model

  • Excel in school and sports

  • Increase physical endurance

  • Improve mental awareness

  • Exhibit perseverance and pride

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Achieve self-mastery

Your child is also given time for a snack (prepared at home), free time for socializing and homework completion as well as agenda checking, supervised by our staff of qualified assistants. Our after school program personnel have all been personally selected by Shihan Grant Campbell and are also long term members of our dojo with years of experience. We are not a daycare facility. Homework & Games are secondary to our program. We are a professional martial arts facility and our focus is on the instruction of the Martial Arts.

We pick up from all schools in our area in our fully marked, properly insured vehicles. We have purchased our own fleet of buses and vans to ensure that we know who is driving your child and we also know that all our vehicles are safe and properly insured and maintained. All staff, including drivers, are CPR and first aid certified, have police and driver abstracts and have an interest in the safety and progression of your child.

What makes our after school martial arts program so successful? We keep it small by capping the amount of children we take each year. We have adult certified instructors running the program and we keep our ratio of instructors to students very low and we focus strictly on martial arts. We are not a daycare, nor are we a dance studio. We have a waiting list each year. We could take on hundreds of new students each year, but the quality of martial arts and the safety of your child would suffer.

All regular belt testing up to Brown Belt as well as use of any gear needed is included in our program making it an all-inclusive program. Each child is given their own uniform, to make them feel part of the team. This is also their first lesson in responsibility. Sufficient space is provided for them to keep their jackets, backpacks and shoes.

There are two amazing benefits from our after school martial arts program. The first one is that our martial arts program will develop and enhance:

  • Patience

  • Concentration

  • Confidence

  • Self-control

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Physical Fitness

Your child’s grades will improve, their attention span and focus in the classroom will increase and their self-esteem and confidence will soar. You will notice an improvement in all these areas in a few short weeks.

The second benefit is the time that our program will create for you and your family. Most families rush home, rush to eat dinner, rush to get the homework done and then rush to get out to their evening activities. With our program, most of these things are already done by the time you pick them up, thereby creating more quality evening time for you and your family.

Make sure that your child is doing something productive after school Hollywood. Would you rather have them at home watching television and playing video games or picked up by us and improving their lives?

There is not enough that we could possibly say to express the satisfaction and gratitude that we have for what our two children are learning from Grant master Baez Life Skills After School Martial Arts Program.

If we have sparked your interest and would like to take the next step, please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will contact you in the next 24-48 hours to set up an appointment. 

Thank you for your interest in After School Hollywood, Cooper City Martial Arts and our transported After School Program now offering Free Transportation from COOPER CITY ELEMENTARY, DAVIE ELEMENTARY, EMBASSY CREEK ELEMENTARY, GRIFFIN ELEMENTARY, FOX TRAIL ELEMENTARY, and SILVER RIDGE ELEMENTARY.  To learn more about our After School Martial Arts Programs, complete the form below or call us at (954) 680-0249 for more details. 

Master Baez Martial Arts, Inc.

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