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Martial Arts For Adult Cooper City

Start the New Year Here. Get Fit. Lose Weight. Release Stress. Have Fun!
First month of Taekwondo Training for only $49 (includes uniform).

Martial Arts is great because not only will you get fit and release stress, you will also sharpen and improve on many valuable life skills as well.  Self defence is self preservation. If attacked, your goal is to get away. When possible, it is always advised to avoid physical confrontation in the first place. Recently, I was viewing an episode on a local television channel that featured a couple of instructors promoting their self defence seminars. When asked by the hosts to demonstrate some techniques, they proceeded to show some weapons self defence including gun disarms. While I understand that television requires that special element of excitement to keep viewers engaged, I was very troubled by this display. It sends the WRONG message on self defence. Self defence is NOT, “do this when they do that” kind of fighting and it is not a simple series of physical skills to get you out of harms way.